Canadian Cop Threatens to Taser Handcuffed Man’s Genitals

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Police State, US News, World News
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Kurt Nimmo
February 9, 2011

In Vietnam and Algeria, it was considered a crude form of torture. The magneto of a military field telephone was often used on prisoners and enemy combatants.

According to accounts during the Vietnam War, soldiers stated repeatedly and independently that they were trained to use field telephones for interrogation in Camp Pendleton in the 1960s. The technique they learned was the French technique: “take a field telephone, the TP 3-12, and put the connecting wire to it, then take the other end of the wire and attach it to a person’s testicles and crank it — this causes a high-voltage shock, there is no amperage behind it, just voltage, but it is extremely painful.”

From the battlefields of Vietnam to the streets of North America. Now cops have a specifically designed tool – the taser – and they have threatened to use on a suspect’s genitals in Toronto, as revealed in the above video.

Obviously, police in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere in the western world are out of control. Many of them are no better than torturers in third world dictatorships. Many are quite frankly psychopaths. Police departments apparently prefer and recruit this sort of individual.

How long are citizens going to tolerate such barbarity?


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