Two Fresh TSA Gropedown Videos: Pregnant Woman pulled aside, TSA Thugs Block Man From Filming Wife Being Groped

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Police State, US News
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March 10, 2011

TSA Pat-down of pregnant wife

There you have it! We were on our way to the SHOT Show and had to face this.

Coming back the Las Vegas airport didn’t even touch my wife. She went through the same metal detecting machines too not the full-body scanner thing.

Go figure.


Atlanta TSA threats of arrest and detainment over videotaping body scanner opt out pat down

This is half of the video I shot of the TSA experience we had in the Atlanta airport on March 2nd 2011. Before the video started I was threatened with arrest over using a video camera after my wife refused a TSA naked body scanner. They surrounded me like gang members and told us they would hold us there all day and make sure we missed our flight. I will be trying to obtain by any means the whole video from surveilance of that day.


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