June 23, 2011 has received numerous, but unconfirmed reports that our family of websites are being blocked or otherwise tampered with in Greece during this critical time in world media coverage of the debt crisis. Is this true? Please help us confirm the accuracy of this information with screenshots supporting or refuting this claim.

Governments and/or major ISPs around the globe have already begun phasing in blacklists and geo-filtering software that has been used against, and other alternative media sites of similar repute. Past reports of censorship have been confirmed in New Zealand, the UK and other locales:

Internet Censorship: Major Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom To New Zealand Users


Clare Swinney
February 7, 2010

Has Chinese-style internet censorship arrived in New Zealand this year? The question is posed because two major news websites, and, both of which are run by documentary maker and radio show host Alex Jones, who is renowned for exposing the truths the mainstream media attempts to conceal, were found to be have been selectively blocked on Friday evening and were still unavailable at the time of writing.



Frightening Taste Of Internet Censorship As Major Free Speech Websites Blocked


Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, February 8, 2010

With influential proponents recently calling for a newly regulated world wide web, we got a preview of how that might look this past weekend after both and Prison were completely blocked to many Internet users in New Zealand.

The block was only removed early this morning following a raft of complaints after both websites were unavailable on many ISP’s since Friday.


Major International Transport Hub Censors Political Websites


Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, August 4, 2008

While establishment media outlets in the UK spent most of last week reporting on China’s censorship of political websites in anticipation of the Olympic games, they ignored the fact that London’s St. Pancras International, one of the biggest transport hubs in the west, has already implemented stringent filters that block users of their wi-fi service from accessing even mildly political websites.


MySpace Admits Censorship Of Prison


Moderator says anything containing URL of website is filtered out

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 11, 2007

In a telling slip-up, a MySpace moderator has admitted that it is policy to censor and filter out posts containing links to the Prison website, adding that the MySpace server automatically blocks such information.

Earlier this week MySpace was accused of censoring information pertaining to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign but the social networking site denied the allegations and later featured Paul’s profile on their main page.


AOL Time-Warner Censors Alex Jones Websites


Nationwide blackout a clear attempt to shut down free speech or just an error?

Prison Planet | October 5 2005

Has Time Warner’s ISP, Road Runner, blocked access to all of Alex Jones’ flagship websites across the entire United States or is this a wider Internet blackout issue?

We were first alerted to this problem early this morning when several locals in Austin reported that they were unable to access, or Prison



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