Mike Adams
Natural News
Aug 5, 2011

Raw milk

Keep up the great work, NaturalNews readers! In the hours following the public protests and global attention being paid to the Rawesome Food raids, an LA County Judge reduced James Stewart’s bail from $123,000 to $30,000. By all indications, James Stewart will be out of jail Friday morning (if not sooner). A condition of his release is that he not engage in the sale of unpasteurized milk and cheese — a condition which is, by itself, completely unconstitutional and a violation of natural law. But nevertheless, this is the condition being set by the LA County courts.

In addition, Victoria Bloch, the L.A. liaison to the Weston A. Price Foundation, has been released and is reportedly at home this evening. We hope to speak with Victoria Friday in a phone interview and bring you her report, if she’s ready to share that story publicly. This ordeal has no doubt been extremely stressful for all those involved, and it’s nowhere near over: The charges of conspiracy against all three persons (James, Victoria, Sharon) still exist and will reportedly be prosecuted by a special “environmental prosecutor” from the FDA. (We are still working on confirming that tip so we can’t 100% support that yet…) (http://www.naturalnews.com/033233_g…)

You are making a difference! NaturalNews wishes to thank Alex Jones (www.InfoWars.com), Matt Drudge (www.DrudgeReport.com) and RT America (http://rt.com/usa) for covering this news and having me on as a guest. You can watch my segments on Alex Jones at:

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, I wish to THANK YOU, the NaturalNews readers who have joined in this fight for food freedom by sharing our stories, donating money to the Rawesome Foods legal defense fund (over $7,000 collected so far and counting), protesting in person at the LA County Courthouse, and calling your state and federal representatives to drive home the point that We the People will not tolerate this kind of government terrorism against farmers and raw dairy buyer’s clubs!

You are making a difference! Already, the bail has been reduced for James Stewart and it looks like he’ll be free on Friday (at least until the 13 felony charges are leveled against him, which is when the real legal bills start to add up). We are not going to stop hammering this issue. Here at NaturalNews, we will see this through, and we will continue to ask for you help in reminding the bureaucratic tyrants in Sacramento, California and Washington D.C. that they cannot use our farmers for target practice!

Hands off our farms, dammit!

If people want to buy raw milk knowing full well that there is a tiny fraction of a percentage of risk that the milk might make them sick, then let ‘em buy the milk! Doesn’t raw fish have a warning that could be used for raw milk? Isn’t downhill skiing dangerous? Isn’t swimming in a public pool far more dangerous than drinking raw milk? And what about the dangers of eating aspartame, MSG, hydrogenated oils and chemical food preservatives? Why are all the government agencies okay with all those poisons but not okay with people eating real food that might, on extremely rare occasions, cause someone to have an upset stomach?

I am sick of our nanny state Big Government bureaucrats trying to intervene in our private lives to the point where parents are barred from packing their children’s school lunches… or where parents are restricted from buying raw goat’s milk to provide nutrition for infant babies whose mothers cannot breastfeed. With the Rawesome Foods raids, our government is stealing food from babies and then charging people with felony crimes for daring to provide such wholesome food in the first place!

NaturalNews continues to bring you the cutting-edge news from the front lines on this story, and we plan to cover every significant development in this story as quickly as we can, so keep checking our home page for updates throughout the day Friday (and beyond).



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