Pentagon Floats Libyan WMD Threat

Posted: August 24, 2011 in US News, World News
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Kurt Nimmo
August 24, 2011

In 2003, as the United States prepared in invade Iraq under the pretext that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs, Muammar Gaddafi announced he would dismantle Libya’s nuclear and chemical weapons program.


Libyan officials provided the U.S. and Britain with documentation and details on Libya’s chemical, biological, nuclear, and ballistic missile activities and subsequently allowed officials to visit secret sites and Libyan laboratories. Gaddafi provided centrifuge designs and a list of suppliers to U.S. officials.

In early 2004, the U.S. carted off 55,000 pounds of documents and equipment related to Libya’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. Additionally, over 1,000 centrifuge and missile parts were removed from the country. Libya used bulldozers to destroy the unfilled casings of chemical bombs and disclosed the storage of 23 tons of mustard gas.

The Bush administration, however, exaggerated the significance of the material turned over. David Albright, former nuclear inspector and head of the Institute for Science and International Security, said that official claims about the Oak Ridge display were not true, and that the centrifuges shown in the Oak Ridge display were only centrifuge casings and not entire operational centrifuges.

“Libya’s arsenal of WMD was relatively modest and did not provide the country with an adequate deterrent against established military powers,” write Sammy Salama and James Martin for NTI, a WMD non-proliferation organization.

Modest or not, the U.S. and NATO are now using the specter of a Libyan WMD cache as propaganda in the ongoing effort to oust Gaddafi and install a regime more amendable to the global elite.

“U.S. intelligence and military officials say no one can be sure who controls the Libyan government’s weapons stockpiles, from tons of mustard gas and raw nuclear materials to some 30,000 shoulder-fired rockets that can threaten aircraft,” reports the Associated Press. “The officials say the stockpiles appear to be under Libyan government control, despite rebel advances into the capital of Tripoli.”

“You can’t anticipate everything the Khadafy regime will do,” British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Tuesday as The Telegraph speculated Libyan “sleeper cells” might be in Europe, poised to carry out acts of terror.

Rep. Mike Rogers is warning that Gadaffi’s phantom WMDs may fall into the hands of al-Qaeda. “We know that al Qaeda is interested in some of these weapon systems, and we know that the black market is alive and well and would love to get their hands on some of this stuff,” the Michigan Republican told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

As widely reported but uniformly ignored by the script-reading corporate media, the U.S. and NATO support al-Qaeda in Libya. The so-called “rebels” consist largely of al-Qaeda veterans who reportedly killed U.S. troops in Iraq.

Senator John McCain also warned that Gaddafi has a “huge, huge numbers of weapons, and apparently mustard gas and other weapons of mass destruction.”

NATO officials state Gaddafi’s chemical weapons “stockpile” is under surveillance and does not pose a threat to invading NATO troops or the citizens of Europe and the United States.

Headlines warning of the highly unlikely possibility of a WMD attack by Gaddafi do not mention this fact. A cursory glance at the news gives one the impression that Gaddafi is a mad man who has vowed to take out not only his enemies, but the Libyan people in the same way Hitler threatened to destroy Germany when he faced defeat.

Libya does not have the ability to launch WMD attacks against NATO and the U.S. News reports raising this possibility are little more than cynical propaganda designed to demonize Gaddafi as the globalists struggle to topple his regime and occupy the north African country.



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