Foul-mouthed collectivists don’t want their creepy “consensus” meetings being filmed

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A new video from the ‘Occupy DC’ event in Washington betrays how leftist agitators are busy trying to drown out any message that doesn’t correlate with their collectivist “consensus,” as the First Amendment is sabotaged when a freelance journalist is blocked from filming a public protest.

It seems as though some of the agitators who have latched on to the ‘Occupy’ movement are only happy with people expressing their First Amendment right if the participant completely agrees with their point of view.

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Two foul-mouthed leftists attempt to block independent journalist Adam Kokesh from filming a public protest taking place in a public square, making inane arguments about the participants feeling threatened by appearing on camera, despite the fact that they are demonstrating in the middle of America’s capital city.

In reality, Kokesh’s previous videos in which he documented how the protests were being misdirected by statist, Obama supporting hypocrites were the likely source of the agitators’ grievance with being filmed.

It seems the two individuals in the clip are uncomfortable with the prospect of their message reaching a wider audience, which is bizarre to say it’s supposed to be part of a mass protest movement.

The agitators didn’t want Kokesh filming their creepy “consensus” meeting, strange ritualistic get-togethers which have been characterized by cult-like chanting, weird hand signals and zombie-like collectivist mind control.

As Mike Adams, who has studied linguistics and psychology, points out in his article today, “The whole point of this experience is to eliminate the individual mind and train everyone to think, and say, and do exactly what they are told to do by a “leaderless leader” who is really a mind control manipulator.”

“Free-thinking individuals do not engage in this kind of behavior! If I had witnessed this in person, I would have shouted out, “You are all zombies!” at which point I’m sure I would probably need my zombie defender flamethrower to roast the mindless masses as they tried to swarm over me with their “one mind” attack.”

It is now clear that statist agitators and leftist lobby groups with direct ties to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration are busy trying to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street movement and anoint themselves as leaders of this so-called “leaderless” resistance.

That’s why agitators from and other establishment-backed groups are deliberately trying to ostracize any activists who deviate from the collective borg hive and attempt to educate OWS protesters about the Federal Reserve, Ron Paul, or anything that actually poses a threat to the real epicenter of economic corruption.

Many of the genuine ‘Occupy’ demonstrators who started the movement are expressing their frustration about this tactic of subversion on the official Occupy Wall Street website.

Watch the clip below in which WeAreChange San Antonio activist Matthew Medina exposes how have dispatched their agitators to divide the protesters on grounds of race and gender, while acting as thought police in attempting to ring-fence what ideas can and cannot be aired.

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