Kurt Nimmo
October 13, 2011

The bogus plot cooked up by the FBI and DEA to frame a used car dealer and claim he tried to set up an assassination plot at the behest of Iran’s Quds is coming apart at the seams.

Hillary Mann Leverett, a former official in the Bush administration, says the supposed plot makes no sense.

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She should know something about the Iranians – Mann Leverett was Director for Iran, Afghanistan and Persian Gulf Affairs at the National Security Council in the Bush administration, served as Middle East expert on the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff, and Political Advisor for Middle East, Central Asian and African issues at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

“Ms. Leverett has published extensively on Iran as well as on other Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian, and Russian issues. She has spoken about U.S.-Iranian relations at Harvard, MIT, the National Defense University, NYU, the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, and major research centers in China,” her bio states.

Despite her expertise, the CNN teleprompter reader on duty at the time of her interview lamely attempts to dispute the claim that the Iranians would never engage in such pointless stupidity.

Others are disputing this absurd terror plot as well.

Afshon Ostovar, a senior analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses, went on NPR and to say the alleged attack “is … drastically out of step with [Quds] modus operandi” because carrying out an assassination “in the United States is unprecedented.” Working with a criminal drug cartel in Mexico is also unprecedented, Ostovar says. He is writing a book about Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is consulting with allies in preparation for an attack on Iran – or at minimum a round of debilitating sanctions, although it should now be obvious the globalists who run Obama prefer the former.

The Germans have expressed reservations about the plot as related by the Justice Department, according to Spiegel.

“Some doubts have been expressed in Washington about the Tehran government’s actual involvement,” said Gernot Erler, a Social Democratic Party lawmaker in parliament who specializes in foreign affairs. “I’d suggest we take those seriously.”

Erler said it was “absolutely clear” that a confrontation would “enormously complicate” the activities of the Middle East quartet seeking to broker a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

In fact, this is exactly the point in addition to taking out Iran the same way Iraq was taken out and Syria will eventually be taken out despite its resistance.

The neocon faction of the globalists have made it perfectly clear the idea is to reduce Islamic nations to Stone Age rubble in preparation for IMF and bankster fire sales and looting practices that pass in some quarters as free trade.

Not all German politicians are as circumspect, however. Ruprecht Polenz, chairman of the German parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and a member of Merkel’s Christian Democrats, said Iran has the “burden of proof” in the current showdown. “We shouldn’t act as if this assassination plot is just some sort of American fantasy,” he told Spiegel.

Uusually, the accuser has the responsbility of providing the burden of proof, but all the normal rules of behavior changed following September 11, 2001.

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