WALL STREET INSIDER: The Obama White House Wants Us Gone. All of Us.

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Economics, Police State, US News
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Ulsterman Report
October 19, 2011

Our latest interview with a longtime Wall Street Insider reveals details of a troubling Obama White House stance against Wall Street executives voicing concern over the now daily violence permeating the Occupy Wall Street movement – and a belief the Obama administration may be actively engaged in helping create that conflict.

Ulsterman:  This is the first time you contacted me instead of me contacting you to speak – why the change?

WSI:  Things have become much more…serious.  This occupy thing…it’s getting…I have never considered myself one for conspiracy, but what I am being told is happening with these protests has left me quite stunned and quite concerned.  Even more than just a week prior.

Ulsterman:  And what is that? What have you heard?

WSI: A number of calls were made. Direct to the White House.  People with considerable influence…people who supported the president in 2008.  People who don’t wish to see events spiral out of control here.

Read full interview here



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