Really? TSA Says It Will Study Body Scanner Radiation Risks?

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Police State, US News
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Continues to roll out machines despite cancer warnings from experts

Steve Watson
November 3, 2011

TSA head John Pistole told a Senate homeland security committee hearing Wednesday that the agency will conduct its own research into the safety risks associated with full body scanners currently in use in almost all major airports in the U.S.

While the announcement may appease some lawmakers in Washington, it will almost certainly serve as nothing more than a further endorsement of the technology from the agency that continues to roll out hundreds of the radiation-firing machines across the nation.

Indeed, Pistole has previously made promises in testimony before the Senate, regarding TSA policy, that have simply been later ignored, forgotten about and flouted.

Pistole’s words speak volumes about just how rigorously the TSA will test the scanners:

“I am concerned that there’s a perception that they’re not as safe as they could be,” Pistole said after claiming that independent studies have already proven the technology safe.

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