British police will have “right” to fire plastic bullets on student protesters

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Police State, World News
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Rebecca Camber
Mail Online
November 8, 2011

Editor’s note: The police state is now getting serious in England. The British government pioneered the use of plastic bullets in occupied Northern Ireland where it was discovered they were lethal at certain ranges. Plastic bullets were used against protestors at a protest against globalization in Quebec in 2001 and were approved for policing in England and Wales in June 2001. Plastic bullets were also authorized for G8 summit protests in Gleneagles, Scotland in July 2005. The projectiles are now becoming the favored way to deal with people who dare oppose the establishment in public.

Police are prepared to use plastic bullets for the first time on the British mainland if student protests planned for tomorrow erupt into violence.

Scotland Yard revealed yesterday that the baton rounds have been authorised for a student fees march in London amid fears it could be hijacked by anarchists and troublemakers.

Baton gun rounds have never been used on the British mainland, but they have been linked to deaths in Northern Ireland.

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