Former Governor chastises establishment press over indictment of his patriotism

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura today slammed the media for lying in their suggestion that his effort to seek Mexican citizenship meant he was giving up his U.S. citizenship, calling the smear an attempt to portray him as unpatriotic.

Jesse Ventura

Ventura set the record straight during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show, saying he had been misquoted on “wanting to give up my U.S. citizenship, I never once stated that,” adding that he was merely seeking dual citizenship because he and his wife lived half the year in Mexico anyway.

In the aftermath of his press conference on Friday, some reports announced that Ventura was “abandoning his citizenship” and running away to Mexico in response to a judge tossing out his case against TSA groping in airports.

“I love my country, not my government,” Ventura remarked in response to reports that had characterized him as unpatriotic.

“I never said that I’m giving up my U.S. citizenship, that’s a lie….they don’t even focus on what the case is about,” said Ventura, criticizing the media for focusing on provocative statements rather than why Ventura was denied a trial.

However, Ventura did repeat his vow to recognize the national anthem differently, saying he would bow his head in shame because he now lived in a country which didn’t allow him his constitutional rights.

Ventura said he had “run into a brick wall” with the mainstream media in their failure to adequately report his case against the TSA, revealing that an interview scheduled yesterday with CNN was cancelled. In a separate local radio interview, the host accused Ventura of acting like Kim Kardashian, claiming he was pursuing a vendetta against the TSA merely to generate publicity for his TV show.

Ventura explained how the judge in the TSA case sat on the ruling for 10 months, a delay that prevented Ventura from taking the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals and exercising his right to a jury trial.

“They will not let any constitutional decision go to a jury, I cannot have a jury trial, they’re not allowing me….they threw me out of court, they waited 10 months so that my 60 days after filing to go to the Court of Appeals would expire while I waited for her to make the decision,” said Ventura.

“I can’t go in front of a jury of my peers and have them decide whether my constitution, bill of rights, 4th amendment is being violated because the government won’t let me – now that’s oppression, that is not freedom,” added the former Governor.

Ventura warned Americans not to sit back and pretend that TSA abuse was only occurring at airports, pointing out that TSA VIPR teams are also now being deployed on regular highways.

“Don’t you realize that in a matter of years you’re going to have to show an ID to go to Iowa if you live in Minnesota,” said Ventura, pointing out that Border Patrol agents were also now being stationed hundreds of miles inland.

During the interview, Ventura also re-iterated his ‘come and get me’ plea to the Libertarian Party, indicating he would run for President as a third party candidate in an effort to bring further attention to America’s decline into a police state.

Watch the interview with Jesse Ventura below.



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