Minuteman PAC
December 16, 2011

In Washington’s latest outrage against Americans, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has just found American’s toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio guilty of a wide range of civil rights violations against illegal immigrants. If the sheriff’s office doesn’t stop its crackdown on illegal immigration, the federal government is threatening to pull millions of dollars in federal funding – a move that will effectively scrap any police presence or border control in the busiest human- and drug-trafficking corridors along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Isn’t that convenient.

Right now, we’re calling on you as an American Citizen to defeat the Obama administration at its own game by demanding a citizen’s impeachment of Eric Holder.

Obama intentionally put in charge ineffective, yes-man Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General in order to pull the Department of Justice into his sick determination to destroy America by destroying law and justice in this country. No longer are we going to sit on our hands waiting to take back America until November 2012. Impeachment is the only way to rid America of the corrupt and conniving U.S. Attorney General. But America desperately needs your help.

Through our investigation, we have discovered a little known rule in the House handbook on how to impeach Eric Holder and every other Obama official abusing his or her power.

According to  the legislative manual of the House of Representative (and a case from 1826 which saw just such a thing happen for a federal judge), U.S. citizen’s have the right and the ability to take back Washington by impeaching failed officials at the highest levels of government.

Taken from the commentary on Thomas Jefferson’s Manual:

“In the House various events have been credited with setting an impeachment in motion: charges made on the floor on the responsibility of a Member or Delegate (II, 1303; III, 2342, 2400, 2469; VI, 525, 526, 528, 535, 536); charges preferred by a memorial, which is usually referred to a committee for examination (III, 2364, 2491, 2494, 2496, 2499, 2515; VI, 543); a resolution introduced by a Member and referred to a committee (Apr. 15, 1970, p. 11941; Oct. 23, 1973, p. 34873); a message from the President (III, 2294, 2319; VI, 498); charges transmitted from the legislature of a State (III, 2469) or territory (III, 2487) or from a grand jury (III, 2488); or facts developed and reported by an investigating committee of the House (III, 2399, 2444).” 

So far, 53 members of Congress have called on Holder to resign over the Operation Fast and Furious cover-up by the Department of Justice under Holder’s leadership, but he refuses to listen to the American people and our elected representatives just like his buddy, Barack Hussein Obama.

Once your petition is filed with a member of Congress, the next step is to be brought before the House by a willing representative – according to the 110th Congress House Rules Manual – House Document No. 108-241, petitions, memorials and other papers addressed to the House may be presented by the Speaker as well as by a Member (IV, 3312) AND a Member may present a petition from the people of a State other than his own (IV, 3315, 3316).

And finally, the House must approve the impeachment.

Folks, taking back Washington from Obama’s out-of-control appointees and other cronies in power doesn’t get any easier than that, especially when we’ve got the House majority in our favor…

Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner opened up the possibility for a Citizen’s impeachment of Eric Holder just a few days ago in front of Congress, and so far it remains overlooked as a far-shot by the major media news outlets – even by the conservative ones.

We need you to ask Congress to impeach Eric Holder since he is unwilling to resign despite our demands and the demands of our elected officials. Holder is feeling so secure in his position that he even recently scolded members of Congress for ‘inappropriate rhetoric’ during their investigation of the botched gun-running program known as “Operation Fast and Furious.” Then he had the gall to admit that more violent crimes on both sides of the border could result from the Obama Administration’s failed plot to destroy the Second Amendment. And now, with the biased, self-serving investigation of Sheriff Joe – they’ve brought the fight to us.

There is less than one year left before the Presidential Elections – that gives us one year to chip away at the Obama administration’s clutch on Washington that is destroying America. But we don’t have to sit by and watch him do it. Right now, we’re begging you – for the future of our country – demand a citizen’s impeachment of Eric Holder TODAY.


Please, exercise your right as a U.S. Citizen today. Help free America from the grips of the Obama administration, one official at a time. SELECT HERE!

As U.S. Citizens, we HAVE the right and the power to impeach Eric Holder. We MUST exercise that right!

For America,

Minuteman PAC


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