Leo Dexter
January 3, 2011

Let’s not be under any illusions. The globalist establishment consider  the Presidency of the United States to be in their gift. 

There is simply no way they will allow someone who wants to abolish the Fed, who seeks a new investigation into 9/11, who wants to drastically downsize the American war machine, and who wants a small, accountable federal government – just as they are putting the finishing touches to their global police super-state anywhere near the White House, except as a tourist.

Quite obviously, unelectable candidates like Newt Gingrich have been bought and paid for many times over, and will continue to be a mouthpiece to the highest bidder. Similarly, Mitt Romney is “on message” in all key globalist areas, but largely irrelevant to the actual issues that are facing Americans in 2012. But Dr.Paul is a different type of fish altogether. He believes in civil liberties and the checks and balances on federal power afforded by the American constitution.  He can’t be bought, threatened or blackmailed, and therefore he has to be stopped. And if he can’t be stopped legitimately, then he has to be stopped by whatever means are necessary. After being ignored, patronised, ridiculed and constantly told he can’t win, Ron Paul now faces his biggest challenge. Election fraud.

In the age of political correctness and conformism, it is considered very unAmerican to make noise about widespread election fraud in the US, and anyone who even thinks about crying foul after a disappointing result is greeted with accusations of being a sore loser and howls of “How dare you question the results – move on.” Naturally, tribal loyalties play a big part. If your guy won, who cares if there was cheating? Did a single Republicans pipe up after John Kerry was so blatantly and shamefully robbed of the Presidency in 2004? Well, he was a left leaning Democrat, and besides, the vote rigging only occurred in Ohio, didn’t it? To dampen any potential talk of cheating, the talking heads always come up with a perfectly sensible sounding rationale for the unexpected turnaround. In ’04, Bush’s seemingly magical ability to turn the exit polls upside down was put down to the “security Mom” factor. Like the media’s invention of the ‘Bradley effect’, another fiction was allowed to become part of the faux history, a hallmark feature of major events in the 21st century since 9/11. Those in any doubt about the outcome of the 2008 Presidential race should read Mark Crispin Miller’s definitive tome Fooled Again, about the ’04 debacle.

Battleground New Hampshire

In 2008, Ron Paul was treated by the MSM as a sideshow, almost entirely irrelevant to the final nomination. As such, he was easily ignored. Yet even in ’08, particularly in key early states voting when the identity of the nominee was still undecided, the votes counted for Paul were consistently lower than polling indicated. In Sutton County, New Hampshire Dr. Paul polled zero votes. That was, until a number of people in Sutton came forward to say they had voted for Dr. Paul, when suddenly 31 votes for him were discovered. Such a glaring error was easily picked up, but in numerous other counties where his vote simply was lower than anticipated, this was harder to pick up. How much fraud occured is anyone’s guess.

In New Hampshire in ’08 Dr.Paul finally trailed in fifth, very much an ‘also ran’. Unsurprisingly, this alerted campaign volunteers who alerted staff. The full-time staffers assured them that Dr.Paul was satisfied with the result and would not be querying it.

New Hampshire of course uses the notorious Diebold voting machines that played such a major role in the theft of the ’04 Presidential race between Bush and Kerry. They are easily hacked or reprogrammed to produce, well, any result that is desired. If  Diebold fraud is sprung into action next month, the New Hampshire will produce a solid showing by Mitt Romney, who has campaigned hard in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state, and plans to make it the place where he stakes his claim to front runner status, and a surprisingly strong showing by Newt Gingrich, coming second and pushing Ron Paul into third, or even lower – well below his poll numbers. America will be left to ask, ‘How come Ron Paul did so badly?’ The shills and stooges have already prepared their scripts with the 2012 variant on the security mom fairy tale. Ron Paul’s poor showing, compared  to the exit polls, will be again be put down to his sensible, dialogue based approach to US foreign policy. Expect experts like George Robert Stephanopoulos to harp the tune, “Once alone in front of the ballot machine (sic) people have thought about voting for Dr.Paul and decided he can’t be trusted on national security”. That is, he can’t be trusted by Americans to operate the buttons of war.

But before New Hampshire, the voting begins as it always does in snowy Iowa, where they do things differently.

Iowa vote fraud is already underway

The process of election fraud has already begun. GOP technocrats announced last week that in order to preempt a potential ‘disturbance’ (from Ron Paul supporters), they will be moving the Iowa Caucus vote count we are told, “to an undisclosed location”.

Readers, please be in no doubt about the lengths the establishment will go to prevent Ron Paul from winning the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

We have had the insulting “89 seconds” debate time, the endless “He can’t beat Obama”, “his views are too extreme” mantras from the strumpet talking heads, the ridicule of his “bizarre” positions like wanting to downsize the grotesque proportions of US defence spending.

And so the Iowa Caucuses. Last time round, they went the way of some time Preacher Mik Huckabee, a likable, if rather naïve, down at home type. We hope that his time round, the Caucuses will be harder to rig than the simple reprogramming of a Diebold machines. Should Dr. Paul win or place a very good second in Iowa, he will have the momentum to go and do the same in New Hampshire, and that’s where a key battle will be fought, for a win or second place for the GOP nomination.

Attempts to spin away Paul

The second phase of election fraud that drives home whatever advantage has been gained by treasonous activity, is the spin. As soon as the results from New Hampshire are in and Dr. Paul has performed worse than the Polls indicated, expect FOX and other opinion influencers to pipe-up on message, “ I think when people are alone in the ballot box, they decided they couldn’t trust a guy who thinks we brought 9/11 on ourselves, and who wants to do a diplomatic deal with Iran” . Cue the sage, with nodding from the shills.

The only possible antidote to this crude and repellent subversion of democracy, is for at least one or two of Dr. Paul’s supporters to be present at every polling station. But most importantly it’s up to Dr.Paul himself. He has woken up to a lot of the malfeasance that characterizes American political life, but election fraud may be even be beyond him. To the corporate media, election fraud in the United States is a subject more toxic than anthrax. For the leader of the free world to be even vaguely tinged with this is simply too unbelievable to be true, and too big a risk to the rank America allegedly holds in the eyes of the world. It’s the big no-no. This is also true, although to a lesser extent, of the foundation-funded arms of the alternative and online media.

The idea that a majority of Americans will, at any stage next year, or at any time in the future, consider Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum to be the man best qualified to lead America in a time of dire crisis, is as laughable as it is repugnant. Each of these GOP runners would simply collapse in a general election against a likely Obama-Clinton ticket.

Therefore, Republican voters should be not forget that out of all the GOP runners, the only name who recent polling has coming out even or ahead of Obama – is Ron Paul.

Note: The following article was posted by Lone Star Watchdog back in May 2011, warning us about the impending GOP vote fraud scandal…

Will Diebold Make Newt Gingrich the Next GOP Presidential Nominee?

Lone Star Watchdog
May 22, 2011

I just have to write this and get it off my chest. Does anyone remember the 2008 primary elections. There was a Senator Called John McCain from Arizona who pissed off many in the republican base with his stands on immigration with passing a bill giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and attacking free speech with campaign finance reform. Senator John McCain was hated by the conservative base in his own party because he has betrayed them one too many times. His presidential campaign was floundering. His war chest was almost out of money and could not raise any more funds. All of a sudden the media sends out the illusion of McCain’s poll numbers are rising in New Hampshire. With the help of the voting machines from Diebold. John McCain won the primary in New Hampshire thanks to voter fraud and a media generated hoax.This illusion allowed McCain to win the GOP nomination on voter fraud and media deception.

Now we are fast approaching the Presidential election of 2012. The big government conservatives or RINOs are not gaining numbers in the polls like they use to. Former Speaker of the House who rolled over more for slick willie than Buddy the Presidents Dog did on many issues. His name is Newt Gingrich. The very man who abandoned his wife when she needed support the most having cancer. The very man who cheated on his wives because he was so patriotic in his passion for America. Since Newt Gingrich announced he was running for President not too long ago. Already he is on the wrong side of the issues on Obamacare and spending attacking people in his own party against raising the debt ceiling. He is a loser no one wants.

Will we see  the same pattern in the 2012 election? Newt Gingrich will have no support with the voters. He campaign is broke with no money to spend on air time. Will we see the same hoax revisited again of this phony surge in the polls for Newt like they did with Senator John McCain? Will they pull the same psy-op trying to get the voters to believe everybody loves Newt like they did with John so the can pull of voter fraud so the public will accept the false results? It can easily happen again if we do not act. We must be on guard against the media smoke and mirrors propaganda.

This is the time we must redouble our efforts to stop voter fraud. We want our leaders and not the one the global establishment wants. Voter fraud should must be considered an act of treason. Stealing an election is worst than espionage because usurping the will of the people undermining the democratic process does more damage than spies will do a nation. We can survive our fools and idiots.We can not survive with treason from within. 2012 it is an we give all or nothing election. The question do we more want to live free more than be slaves.

If we are going to be free we must take back our elections or Diebold will choose for us.


  1. Gregory says:

    Hello Organicnewsnet,
    Thanks you for your post, I imagine Ron Paul’s greater challenge is finding out of the Republican primaries. In the common election he’d be the anti-war prospect. It’d be exciting. Do liberals however want to get out of the wars?
    Great Job!

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