Live Video: Troops March On White House In Support Of Ron Paul

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Police State, US News
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Ron Paul is the choice of the troops for president in 2012

Steve Watson
February 20, 2012

Ron Paul served

Marking President’s day today, February 20th, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of active duty troops and veterans will descend on Washington DC and the White House to show support for Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Organized by the group, Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, the march will see military personnel march from the Washington Monument to the White House in an effort to generate media coverage of Paul’s ongoing campaign, and highlight the fact that Paul has received more donations from active duty military than all other GOP candidates combined, as well as Obama.

Veterans and active troops intend to coalesce at the Washington monument at noon, with scheduled speakers filling a two hour slot. The group will then march as close to the White House as they can get, before saluting a folded American flag for as many seconds as the number of solders who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan during the incumbent President’s term.

The troops and vets will then march back to the Washington Monument in silence.

Following the march, there will be a concert with billed acts including Aimee Allen, Michale Graves of the Misfits, Jordan Page, Golden State and Rebel INC.

The event is being streamed live and recorded on the group’s UStream channel:

Veteran For Ron Paul founder members Nathan Cox and Adam Kokesh wrote on their Facebook page “It seems now, that we will at least have hundreds marching with us,” the Facebook page reads. “Can you imagine if we had 1,000 in formation? How many will join us in demanding that Ron Paul be recognized as the choice of the troops?”

In addition to conducting an interview with the Washington Times, Kokesh took to YouTube yesterday to give a final update on today’s activities. Watch the video below:

Last week, Kokesh revealed that the military has issued a warning to troops encouraging them not to take part in today’s events, citing DoD directives on participation in political events by active and non active duty military.


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