Hacked Email Reveals Democrats Remain Clueless on Obama’s Bankster Ties

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Police State, US News
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Kurt Nimmo
February 27, 2012

As Zero Hedge rightly notes, the latest Wikileaks dump – a collection of emails hacked from Stratfor by Anonymous – is a dud. It consists of liberals whining about Obama and calling him a “pussy” for not confronting the so-called right side of the one party system that serves the bankster elite.

One comment in particular reveals that the so-called left encamped in the district of criminals remains completely and hopelessly out of touch with reality. It suggests Obama “could also tell the banks to go screw themselves.”

How is it possible Democrats still do not realize Obama is owned by the banksters and he does not tie his shoes in the morning without first consulting them? Evidence is bountiful.

Soon after Barry the CIA groomed candidate was selected and trotted out with messianic fervor, Open Secrets posted a list of his top contributors, including: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, UBS and Morgan Stanley.

Obama is still the preferred candidate of the money masters. “Obama has brought in more money from employees of banks, hedge funds and other financial service companies than all of the GOP candidates combined,” reports the Washington Post.

Reports that bankers are turning against Obama “are exaggerated and overblown,” according to one top banking exec cited by the Post. He said “it probably helps from a political perspective if he’s not seen as a Wall Street guy.”

Obama’s light chiding of banks and his supposed anti-Wall Street rhetoric are nothing but more election season nonsense designed to once again fool Democrats as another dog and pony show masquerading as an election approaches.

Clueless and mesmerized Democrats digest the propaganda without question because they want to believe Obama is a savior and champion of the supposed left despite the fact Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve call the shots, same as they would if a Republican sat in the Oval Office.


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